Scientific articles submitted for publication undergo a preliminary examination (carried out by members of the board of editors – experts of the relevant branch) and are accepted for publication in accordance with the established procedure. Requirements for articles are published in each issue of the journal.

When accepting a manuscript of an article, the editorial board informs the author about remarks on the content and design of the article, which the author must correct before submitting the text for review.

Then scientific articles are obligatory reviewed by the members of the editorial board of the journal or experts of the relevant specialty (candidates and doctors of science).

The recession should contain a reasonable enumeration of the qualities of the article, including scientific novelty, relevance of the studied problem, historical and factual value, accuracy of citation, style of presentation, use of modern sources, as well as a reasonable enumeration of its shortcomings. In the conclusion, a general evaluation of the article and recommendations for the editorial board are given in the following content: “recommended for publication”, “publish the article after its revision”, “submit for additional review to a specialist on a certain topic” or “not recommended for publication”. The review should be at least one page.

An article accepted for publication, but in need of revision, is sent to the authors with the remarks of the reviewer and editor. The authors should make all necessary changes to the final version of the manuscript and return the corrected text, as well as its identical electronic version, together with the original version of the manuscript, to the edition. After revision, the article is re-reviewed and the board of editors decides on its publication.

An article is considered accepted for publication if there is a positive review and if it is supported by the members of the editorial board.

The manuscript is reviewed on a confidential basis. Disclosure of details of the review of the manuscript of the article is a violation of copyright. Reviewers and members of the editorial board do not have the right to use the information contained in the manuscript prior to its publication in their own interests.